Agro House LTD

Agrо House is a consultancy company offering documentary, advisory and accounting services to agricultural producers. The company helps to fill documents for government services, when drawing up arable masses and applying for projects. The preparation and management of projects under European programs are also part of the services offered. Agro House has two own offices in Northern and Southern Bulgaria. The company has successfully created over 15 partner offices across the country. 


The advantages of trusting Agro House are: 


 • There is no danger that the government services will return you due to filling errors or incorrect document formatting. 

 • You save time and people for administrative work. 

 • All documents are held in one place.

 • You receive a complex documentary and accounting service. 

 • You stop searching for appropriate software to organize your business at an affordable price .

 • You don‘t waste time, money, and effort in training employees to work with a specialized program. 

 • Easily shape your projects because Agro House will help you with: 

   Selecting the most accurate program for your business;

   Preliminary financial evaluation of the proposal;

   Full assistance in writing an excellent project proposal;

   Help in choosing subcontractors for the project; 

   Assistance in coordinating the contractors of the project activities; 

   Assistance in the preparation of reports on the results of the project activities; 

   Having a loyal assistant in coordinating and reporting at each stage of the project; 

 • The cost of each service is tailored to the volume of customer activity.


We help our clients for a more successful business (because we care for them). 


           For potential partners

If you are:

  • agro pharmacy, accountant, farmer or just working with farmers 
  • if you are enterprising and want to profit
  • or just looking for an opportunity to put your people into a lucrative business


доходоносно прартньорство за земеделски услуги

You can become our partner
  • you will expand the range of services you offer
  • you will earn without any special investment
  • you will offer your customers additional services that are very needed




For farmers         

Many problems - one solution

  • The end of holding all the documentation on paper
  • You stop searching for affordable software at an affordable price
  • You do not deal with complex technical software support
  • You don't waste time, resources and effort in training employees to work with a specialized program
  • You save yourself time and people for administrative work
  • You save time and resources for software to delineate the arable arrays
  • There is no danger that government departments will return you due to filling errors or incorrect document format 


земеделски производител, доволен от земеделските услуги



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