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Agriculture is a specific type of business, requiring many decisions that are not always within the competence of manufacturers. That's why the latest development of Agrо House is an on-line portal for agricultural consultancy. Our newest idea is to offer farmers various types of advice to help them in their work. Such are agronomic, veterinary, legal, accounting, banking and others. The main goal is for people to have access to expert advice, no matter where they are - not being limited by their territorial location. The portal will save a great deal of time in communication and organization between farmers and consultants.

Our suggestion to you is to join our consultation portal where:

- Create your individual profile - a field of advice, experience and more.

- You will find new customers.

- Describe the services you offer (possibly with prices).

- Receive inquiries from customers.

- Respond and manage your customer relationship.

- All communication and information is saved and stored in your account.

- You have a file for each client, with its peculiarities.

- You become part of the professionals in the Agro House platform.

If this proposal is of interest to you, please contact us at the contact details given to get more information and details.




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