Whether the problem is in the lack of qualified staff, insufficient resources, or it is just not profitable for your business to buy specialized software, we can help you. Agro House is offering you a variety of services.


Document making services:документални услуги за земеделски производители

  • Preparing files for subsidies
  • Preparation of Art. 73 of the APLL (Bulgarian legislation).
  • Preparation of Art. 69 and Art. 70 (Bulgarian legislation).
  • Filling in a Questionnaire on Contracts and Own Land (if there is no agreement in the land).
  • Or Filling a Questionnaire on Real Arable Land.
  • Preparing a payroll for rent.
  • Filling out plant protection logs and excise logs.



Services facilitating the conclusion of agreements under Art. 37c of the OASP (Bulgarian legislation):

  • Arranging for an Agreement under Art. 37 c of the OASP (Bulgarian legislation).
  • Assistance when preparing an agreement.
  • Software Assistance Training for Agreements.



Management assistance services:счетоводни и консултантски услуги за земеделски производители

  • Submitting a document to the State or Municipal Administration with a letter of attorney.
  • Accounting services.
  • Insurance services.
  • Financial services.
  • Services when preparing projects (application).
  • Managing inquiries for management purposes.
              • Request for specialized reports and documents from the state administration (on behalf of the client).
              • Assistance in buying and selling real estate.


 услуги за животновъди

 For farmers: 


  • Filling of animal data into a survey card.
  • Filling out excise duty logs.
  • Filling of dairy production logs.



 Coming soon:

  услуги за зеленчукопроизводители

For vegetable growers:

  • Archive of Contracts for Temporary Agents.
    • Reporting manual labor of temporary workers.
    • Reporting manual labor of full time workers.